Activities of the Department of Health, Culture and Sports, 2547, amended by Law No. 46 and 47 of the Higher Education Act 2880 Students in accordance with Articles nutrition, shelter, health, sports, culture, and was founded to meet the needs of the other social.
The aim of our Department maintain physical and mental health, among patients treated ones, shelter, food, employment, recreation and leisure activities according to relevant areas, allowing to acquire new interests, to improve health and social conditions as well as their talents and personalities in a healthy way offer services that will enable the development of mental and physical health, and take care of them as individuals, to train together on a regular and disciplined study habits, recreation and entertainment to win.

The mission of our directorate is to help our students to protect their physical and mental health, to meet their accommodation and nutritional requirements, to make use of their spare time and to enable them to become patriotic and social individuals by aiming the improvement of their personality and abilities.

Our vision is to help our students to grow up as  individiuals who read and examine and be aware of music and sports in addition to a good education, and  to succeed in their objectives,  and to make our university to be one of the leading universities of our country.